Are you already learning a language on Duolingo but unable to cope up with the speed of its tutorials? Do you feel lost in between the course? If yes, this article is for you. You need to restart the course from ground zero to revamp your language skills. Today, we will discuss how to restart a language on Duolingo app or website. Once you do so & revisit all the old tutorials, you will have an opportunity to re-learn everything from scratch & grasp the content the right way.

How to Restart a Language on Duolingo?

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On Android/iOs App:

  • Open the Duolingo app & open the Menu page.
how to restart a language course on duolingo on Android app
  • On the top-right side, click on the gear icon.
  • Scroll down a bit & look for “MANAGE COURSES”. Click on that.
manage courses on Duolingo
  • Click on the Remove button next to the course & confirm.
reset Duolingo course on app
  • This will remove the course from your list. To re-enroll from scratch, add the language again.
confirm reset

On Duolingo Website:

how to restart a language on duolingo website
  • In the right side menu, Click on Manage Courses.
manage courses
  • On the next page, you will all the signed up courses, with a reset button next to each.
reset button
  • Click on the Reset option & Confirm the popup.
restart a language on duolingo website- popup
  • That’s it. You have successfully reset your course.

What happens when you reset a language on Duolingo?

Your Duolingo progress and accomplishments in that specific language are fully erased when you reset that language. This implies that any lessons, skills, and levels that have been accomplished will be restored to their original states. Here’s what happens when you reset a language on Duolingo:

  • Progress in skills: All lessons and skills that you have completed return to the beginning. This implies that in order to advance and improve your knowledge, you must go through the classes once again.
  • Your level and experience points (XP) for the language reset to zero. You will start from scratch and get experience points (XP) by doing exercises and tutorials.
  • If you have a streak in the language (practicing on consecutive days), it get lost and reset to zero. You’ll have to re-create your streak from scratch.
  • Any awards or badges you have acquired in the language goes away. These milestones might include attaining a certain level or finishing a certain amount of lessons.
  • Placement exam: You will lose your prior placement if you used it to skip over any courses or levels. You will then need to repeat the exam or go through the material from scratch.
  • Duolingo’s reset feature lets you start again and review your language abilities. It gives you a chance to brush up on your knowledge and start again, allowing you to go through the language course in a methodical manner once more.

Can you start over on a language in Duolingo?

Yes, you’re able to reset your progress in Duolingo and start again with a language. By resetting your progress, you can start the language course from the beginning, as if it were the first time you were taking it. This is useful if you want to review and strengthen your language abilities or if you want to brush up on your knowledge after taking a vacation from learning.

By starting over, you can go through the lessons and skills again and make sure you have a strong base in the language. It enables you to go over key ideas, strengthen your vocabulary, and exercise fundamental grammar and sentence structure.

On Duolingo, resetting your progress is a simple procedure. Your prior accomplishments, including completed lessons, talents, levels, and XP, are erased and returned to their original condition. You can then approach the language course with fresh perspective and an opportunity to improve your competence.

It’s critical to understand that you can’t undone resetting your progress. All of your prior progress will be lost if you reset a language, and you will have to start again. We advice you to carefully assess if you need a reset and whether it is consistent with your language learning objectives.


In conclusion, beginning again with a language on Duolingo is a great way to brush up on and solidify your knowledge of it. You can start over with your language learning by following the straightforward instructions provided for both the app and online versions.

You can begin again, lay a solid foundation, and strive toward fluency by resetting your progress. Restarting a language becomes a fun and gratifying process, thanks to Duolingo’s user-friendly design and interesting features. So don’t be afraid to use the reset button and regain the fun of using Duolingo to learn a new language.


Can I restart a specific skill or lesson within a language on Duolingo?

No, Duolingo does not currently offer the option to reset individual skills or lessons within a language. When you choose to restart a language, your entire progress in that language resets, and you will need to work through all the lessons and skills again.

Will resetting my progress delete my achievements and progress in other languages?

No, Duolingo’s reset progress feature solely applies to that language’s progress. Your development, successes, and proficiency levels in other languages will be preserved.

After resetting a language, can I go back where I was?

No, you can’t retrieve your prior Duolingo progress if you restart a language. Prior to doing the reset, you must take this into account since doing so will permanently erase your accomplishments and advancement in that specific language.

Can I change languages without having my progress reset?

Yes, Duolingo allows you to study multiple languages simultaneously without resetting your progress. You can switch between languages easily within the app or on the website without affecting your progress in each language.

How do I reset or remove a language affect my subscription status?

No, changing a language on Duolingo won’t change the status of your membership. Resetting a language won’t change your subscription or payment information if you have a Duolingo Plus membership. All of the advantages of your membership are still available to you.

Are there any restrictions on how many times I can reset a language?

No, there are no restrictions on the number of times you can reset a language on Duolingo. You can reset a language as many times as you wish, allowing you to revisit and reinforce your language skills whenever needed.

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