Duolingo is a famous tool for learning languages that has become very popular among people around the world. But you might decide to delete your Duolingo account at some point. Knowing how to delete your Duolingo account is crucial, whether it’s for privacy, learning preferences, or a break. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind deleting a Duolingo account and the benefits it can bring. Follow a step-by-step approach and examine other methods to delete your Duolingo account.

Steps to Delete Duolingo Account

duolingo profile option
  • Click on the Edit profile button (top-right corner).
edit profile
How to Delete Duolingo Account on computer
  • Now you have two choices. If you want to take a copy of all your personal data, click on Access personal data button.
  • If you don’t, click on Erase personal data. This will truncate any data Duolingo have on their servers. Confirm the same by the link sent to your email address. You will see the final confirmation message:

Understanding the Account Deletion Process

It’s crucial to understand the processes involved in the process as well as any possible repercussions before terminating your Duolingo account.

Potential consequences of deleting an account:

  • Loss of progress and accomplishments: Will I lose my progress if I delete Duolingo? If you erase your Duolingo account, all of your learning data and related progress, achievements, and achievements will also be lost. This covers the number of lessons finished, one’s ability level, and one’s language competence.
  • Inability to recover account data: It’s certain that you will not be able to recover any of your erased data after deleting your Duolingo account. Therefore, before beginning the deletion process, it is essential to make a backup of any information or data you desire to save.
  • Membership cancellation (if applicable): Deleting your account will NOT result in the cancellation of your Duolingo Plus membership if you have one. You have to do it manually. Before moving further, be careful to take into account any financial repercussions or subscription-related responsibilities.

If you are leaving Duolingo because of privacy reasons, see how you can make it private before proceeding.

Alternative Options to Consider

While removing your Duolingo account may seem like the wisest course of action for you, it’s crucial to examine other choices before making a final decision. Here are some options to think about that can allay your worries or satisfy your requirements for language learning:

Temporarily disabling the account

If you’re seeking a break from Duolingo but don’t want to permanently remove your account, try deactivating it temporarily. This option enables you to take a sabbatical from the site without losing your progress or data. Temporarily deleting your account might be a reasonable choice if you’re unclear about your long-term language study objectives.

Clearing personal data and resetting progress

If your major concern is data privacy, you can opt to remove your personal data from the Duolingo platform while keeping your account active. You can continue to utilize the site for language learning while maintaining some amount of privacy by deleting personal information and clearing your progress.

Seeking other language learning platforms

If Duolingo is no longer satisfying your language learning goals or you just want to explore various ways, consider checking out alternative language learning platforms. There are several choices, each with distinctive qualities and pedagogical approaches. Find the platform that complements your learning preferences and objectives by researching and testing several options.

You can resolve your issues without deleting your Duolingo account by examining these alternatives. It’s necessary to analyze your priorities and preferences to identify the best way ahead.


Before deciding to delete your Duolingo account, you should think about your language-learning goals, worries about privacy, and personal tastes.

If you erase your account, you will lose all of your progress and awards, but you will no longer receive alerts or have your data collected.

Try temporary deactivating or clearing personal data. In the end, if you want to learn a language well, you need to make an educated choice that fits your needs and goals.


Can I retrieve my deleted Duolingo account?

It is usually impossible to recover your Duolingo account or any related data if you remove it. Before starting the deletion procedure, this is something that should be kept in mind.

Will deleting my Duolingo account affect my future language learning goals?

Your accomplishments and progress on the site will be lost if you delete your Duolingo account. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a language through other ways or channels. To continue your language learning adventure, look at additional resources.

What happens to my Duolingo Plus subscription if I delete my account?

Your Duolingo Plus membership will not automatically end if you erase your Duolingo account. So, we urge you to cancel your Duolingo membership manually.

Is there a way to clear personal data without deleting my Duolingo account?

Yes, you have the option to remove personal information from the Duolingo site and restart your progress. This choice strikes a compromise between worries about privacy and preserving access to Duolingo’s language-learning tools.

What happens if you delete your Duolingo account?

After the 30 day grace period ends, all your data is permanently deleted from Duolingo servers. Everything you have related to Duolingo is lost forever.

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