Babbel is a very popular choice for people who want to learn a new language. It offers an immersive language learning experience that blends vocabulary, grammar, and cultural insights with courses offered in more than 14 languages. However, the cost of a Babbel subscription can be a roadblock for some learners who are on a tight budget. For them, we’ll explain how to get Babbel for free in this blog article.

From the free trial option to Babbel scholarships, referral programmes, and partnerships with educational institutions and non-profit organisations, there are a number of cost-free ways to access Babbel. Continue reading to find out how to access Babbel premium for free, regardless of whether you’re a student, a language enthusiast, or just trying to add a new skill to your repertoire.

How to Get Babbel Premium For Free?

Can you use Babbel for free? Babbel is a paid language learning platform, but it does offer up to 100% discount in certain scenarios. Let’s discuss them one-by-one.

1. Free trial option

One of the most common methods to use Babbel for free is the free trial option. Before purchasing a membership, it’s a wonderful chance to try out the app and decide whether it’s suitable for you. To join up for Babbel’s free trial, follow these steps:

babbel select language for free trial
  • Next, choose why you want to learn that language. You can select any option that is suitable.
How would you like to learn
  • Select How much time do you want to commit for learning.
How much time do you want to commit
  • Select How would you like to learn. I selected “self study app“.
How would you like to learn
  • Choose how old are you.
select age
  • Let them know how did you hear about Babbel.
how did u hear
  • Enter name & continue.
enter name
  • Enter Email & hit continue.
enter email
  • Choose a strong password & continue.
choose password
  • Now, Babbel’s free trial registration is complete. You will get an email from [email protected]. Open your mailbox & confirm your email ID.
babbel free trial registration complete
babbel comfirm email

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2. Referral program

By asking your friends to download the app, you can use Babbel for free via the company’s referral programme. This is how it goes:

  • Login to your Babbel account and visit the “Invite Friends” area.
invite friends in babbel navigation
  • If you are in app, click on the icon at top-right corner->Settings icon (top-right)->Invite Friends. (follow screenshots below)
settings icon
babbel settings page
  • In the next screen, scroll a bit down & click on “Yes, email my rewards”.
yes email my rewards- babbel referral page
  • Now, copy your unique referral link.
copy referral link
  • Send your friends your exclusive referral link by email, social media, or another route.
    Once your friend subscribes to Babbel using your referral link, you’ll receive a 10 euro reward. Depending on where you are, you may get a free month of Babbel or a discount on your subsequent membership as a reward.
  • Consider contacting friends who have already indicated interest in Babbel or who are curious about learning a new language to get the most out of the referral programme. Additionally, you can share your referral link on your social media pages or in groups for language study. It’s a win-win scenario for you and your friends since the more people you recommend, the more benefits you’ll get. However, you should not share your Babbel account with anybody.

3. Babbel scholarships

Babbel offers scholarships to select groups of people who want to learn a new language but can’t afford a subscription. Here are some of the groups who may be eligible for Babbel scholarships:

  • Students: Who are enrolled in degree programmes can submit applications for scholarships from Babbel. Students must submit an application form and evidence of enrolment in order to be considered for the award. The scholarship pays for a Babbel subscription for a period of six months.
  • Asylum Seekers & Refugees: Babbel collaborates with a number of nonprofit organisations to provide free language training to refugees and asylum seekers. The courses are available in multiple languages and are designed to help learners integrate into their new communities.
  • Educators: Babbel offers free subscriptions to educators who use Babbel in their classrooms. Teachers must submit an application form together with documentation of their teaching status in order to be considered for the programme.
  • Visit the Babbel scholarship program page if you want to apply for a scholarship. From there, you can select a scholarship programme and apply.

4. Babbel for education

For educational institutions wanting to include language learning in their curriculum, Babbel provides a number of materials and programmes. Some of the ways Babbel promotes education include:

  • Babbel for Schools: Babbel provides K–12 schools, colleges, and institutions with subsidised memberships. The programme offers instructors reporting tools, access to a variety of language courses, and progress monitoring.
  • Babbel for Business: Babbel provides language learning tools for organisations wishing to raise the level of language proficiency among their staff members. The programme comes with tools for tracking employee growth and specially designed language training.
  • Babbel for Education: Babbel collaborates with academic institutions and charitable foundations to provide teachers and students materials for learning languages. The programme offers instructors training and assistance in addition to access to Babbel courses.
  • Babbel Live: Babbel Live is a brand-new tool that enables users to communicate in real time with native speakers while honing their language abilities. The programme gives participants access to private language lessons with qualified instructors.

5. Military discounts

babbel military discount

Is there a free version of Babbel for military? Not completely, but Babbel offers a military discount to active duty, reservist, and veteran members of the U.S. military. Here’s how to get the discount:

  • Visit the unique page that is dedicated to Babbel discount for military.
  • Authenticate yourself using the portal.
  • Use your military ID to register for Babbel.
  • You can still get in touch with Babbel’s customer support to confirm your military status if you don’t have a military ID.
  • Babbel will immediately reduce the cost of your membership by 60%.
  • Enjoy saving money while learning a new language!

All Babbel memberships, including monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month ones, are eligible for the military discount. For personal or professional purposes, it’s a terrific approach for military personnel to learn a new language and improve their language abilities.

Does Babbel have a free version?

Babbel does not have a completely free version. The Babbel website states that creating an account with Babbel is free. In addition, Babbel provides a free trial so that customers can try out the first lesson in each course without paying anything.

You can thus receive a total of roughly 80 free classes. As a result, prospective users can look into the Babbel platform and its features before selecting whether or not to subscribe.

Conclusion | Free Babbel Membership

In conclusion, Babbel is a very successful language learning platform that provides a variety of programmes and tools that help students in swiftly and efficiently enhancing their command of the language. How do I get Babbel for free? Babbel does not have a totally free version, however it does provide new users with a short free trial. Babbel also provides a variety of discounts and scholarships to members of the armed forces, students, and non-profit organisations.

In conclusion, Babbel is a fantastic option for anyone who are serious about learning a new language and want a thorough and individualised learning experience. Babbel has grown to be one of the most well-liked language learning systems in the world because to its user-friendly design, engaging courses, and cutting-edge voice recognition technology.


Is Babbel available at no cost?

Babbel is a platform for paying customers to study languages, however it does provide an initial free trial. Customers get access to a restricted number of Babbel courses and features during the free trial period.

How long is the Babbel free trial?

Depending on your country and the Babbel membership plan, the free trial period’s duration may change. The free trial period is normally of 14 days. You can either cancel the plan or delete the Babbel account after that.

Can I get a Babbel subscription for free?

Babbel does not have a totally free edition, however there are methods to get a free or reduced membership. Babbel, for instance, provides discounts, scholarships, and referral programmes for a variety of groups, including the military, students, and non-profit organisations.

Can I terminate my Babbel membership while I’m still using the free trial?

Yes, you are able to terminate your Babbel membership at any point during the risk-free trial period. However, you will be charged for the membership if you don’t cancel before the free trial time expires.

Are there any other ways to get a free Babbel subscription?

The primary method to use Babbel for free is during the free trial period. However, sometimes additional one-time deals or promotions could be made accessible. As part of their employee or student perks, several companies or institutions might offer Babbel memberships.

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