Friends on Memrise might boost your language learning. Memrise is a language programme for learning that provides more than simply one-on-one study time. You can join a caring, collaborative, and competitive Memrise community by adding friends.

We’ll cover how to add friends on Memrise and how they may help your language learning in this article. Adding friends on Memrise brings you a world of possibilities, whether you want study companions, feedback on your progress, or to share your language learning successes.

Finding Friends on Memrise

Memrise makes it easy to make language learning pals and build a supportive community. Here are a few strategies for making new friends on Memrise:

Making advantage of Memrise’s built-in search options

Memrise has built-in search features that let you discover and connect with people who are interested in language learning. You can search for friends based on their username, prefered language, or particular courses they are doing. Using these search options, you could discover others who share your enthusiasm for certain languages or educational programmes.

Add friends on memrise iOs+Android Apps:

  • Open the app & click on the profile icon at the top-right corner.
memrise profile icon
  • You will see an add friend button at the bottom right. Click on that.
adding friends on memrise app
  • You can search anybody using their name or username.
searching friends on memrise android
  • Just click on the add icon next to your friend’s name.
  • You can see the list of mempals in the profile section -> mempals.
add or follow friends in memrise

How do I follow someone on Memrise?

To follow someone on Memrise, you can follow the same steps as above. However, if you know the username, you can make a direct link to their profile like this:

Just replace the userid with the actual one & visit this link to land directly at your friend’s memrise profile.

Collaboration and Motivation

The chance for cooperation and mutual inspiration is one of the major advantages of making friends on Memrise. You can create a helpful learning community and accelerate your language learning by actively interacting with your Memrise colleagues. Here are some suggestions for collaborating and inspiring each other:

  • Participating in Study Groups: Memrise provides study groups where people with similar language learning interests may congregate and cooperate. Explore the current study groups. Search for organisations that focus on your desired language or peruse the study group directory.
  • Attend a study session: Request to join a study group after you’ve located one that shares your interests. There are often appointed leaders or administrators in study groups who can approve your request.
  • Participate in group exercises: Actively participate in discussions, group challenges, and shared learning resources within the study group. You can interact and learn from others in this collaborative environment.
  • Working together on Common Courses and Content: Memrise users have the ability to develop and share their own courses. Create and share courses with your peers to work together. You may share material, workload, and course reviews.
  • As you and your friends work on shared courses, provide constructive criticism and assistance for improvement. This collaboration ensures courses are accurate, complete, and valuable to all learners.
  • Encourage and Support One Another: Celebrate milestones and accomplishments with your Memrise friends. Share your progress. Share your level completions, badges, and learning progress. This promotes a supportive and upbeat environment among your peers. When you add somebody as your friend, you will see their progress in your leaderboard. (Just like they can see you in theirs).
  • Encourage and direct your friends: Be available to provide words of encouragement and direction whenever your friends confront obstacles or struggle with their language-learning endeavours. Share advice, information, or personal stories that will encourage and drive them to continue.

By working with your Memrise friends, you get encouragement, learn new things, and remain motivated. Just keep in mind that studying with others makes it more fun and expedites your development.


In conclusion, joining friends on Memrise gives language learners access to a wide range of opportunities. You can create a helpful community, work together on courses, and maintain motivation on your language learning path by interacting with others.

Memrise buddies improve the whole learning process whether they join study groups, provide progress reports, or give support. So take the initiative, make some Memrise peers, and maximize your joint language learning experience. Join up with other students now to start a fantastic language learning experience.


How do I add friends on Memrise?

You can click or tap on the “Add Friend” or “Send Friend Request” option on the profile of the Memrise member you wish to connect with in order to add them as a friend. The user will get a notice when you make the request, and they may then decide whether to accept it or not.

Can I search for specific friends on Memrise?

Yes, Memrise provides search options that allow you to find friends based on their username, language preferences, or the courses they are studying. You can use these search filters to locate specific users you want to connect with.

How can I import contacts from other platforms to find friends on Memrise?

Memrise gives you the choice to import contacts from your email contacts or from well-known social networking networks. You can find and add people who are already in your network by logging into these sites using your Memrise account.

How do I follow someone on Memrise?

Visit the profile of the person you want to follow on Memrise and click or touch the “Follow” button. Following someone does not create a common link as adding friends does, but it does enable you to keep track of their progress and course activity.

Can I unfollow or unfriend someone on Memrise?

You may unfollow someone you are following by going to their profile and selecting the appropriate option. Go to their profile and choose the appropriate unfriending option if you wish to unfriend someone.

Can I communicate with my Memrise friends?

No, Memrise doesn’t provides messaging features that allow you to communicate with your friends. You cannot exchange messages or disturb each other.

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