The Duolingo English Test is a widely known and accepted test of language skills that is becoming more and more popular with people who want to show off their English skills. The 120 score on the Duolingo exam has great significance for aspirants. In this article, we will explore proven strategies and techniques to help you reach that coveted score. This tutorial will help you pass the Duolingo English test with flying colors, whether you’re a student, professional, or language lover.

how to get 120 score in duolingo english test

Understanding the Test Structure

It’s essential that you understand the exam format in order to do well on the Duolingo English exam and get a perfect score of 120. You can tackle the test with efficiency and confidence if you are familiar with the sections, question styles, and scoring criteria.

The Duolingo English Test assesses four language skills in four main sections. Knowing what each part is about and why it’s there will help you use your time and energy well during the test.

  • Reading: Your comprehension of written English is evaluated in this part. Your reading comprehension is tested through a variety of question formats, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and matching questions.
  • Listening: In this section, the exam evaluate your listening comprehension skills. On the basis of the material presented, you will respond to questions after listening to audio recordings. Short answers, fill-in-the-blanks, and multiple-choice forms are all possible for the questions.
  • Speaking: The speaking test looks at how well you can talk in English. You will be given hints or questions and asked to give spoken answers, which will be recorded and rated later.
  • Writing: Your English writing abilities are assessed in this part. You’ll be asked to compose essays or brief written replies in response to prompts or subjects. Grammar, vocabulary, structure, and coherence are just a few of the factors to evaluate your writing.

Description of question types

engilsh test

You will come across a variety of question types in each segment of the Duolingo English Test that are intended to evaluate certain linguistic abilities. Understanding these types of questions and what they want from you will help you get ready and give good answers.

  • Multiple-choice questions: These ask a question or make a statement with numerous possible answers. It is your responsibility to choose the response that best matches the situation.
  • Fill in the blanks: In these questions, you are provided with a sentence or a paragraph with missing words or phrases. It’s up to you to complete the sentences using the proper words or expressions.
  • Matching: In matching questions, you must connect objects or ideas from two distinct lists. You need to match the correct pairs based on the given instructions.
  • Short-answer: For short-answer questions, you often have to provide succinct answers to certain prompts or queries. Your replies have to be succinct and relevant.

Scoring criteria

The Duolingo English Test uses a computerized score method to judge how well you did based on certain factors. Understanding these factors will help you prepare for the test in a way that will help you get the score you need.

  • Accuracy: Your responses should demonstrate accuracy in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and content. Avoid making mistakes and inaccurate statements that might hurt your grade.
  • Complexity: Responses that use more sophisticated language, such as complex sentence structures, a wide vocabulary, and subtle phrases, get higher points.
  • Coherence and cohesion: Your comments have to be logically related and well-structured. To promote consistency and cohesiveness in your speech and writing, use the right transitional words and expressions.
  • Fluency: In the speaking segment, the ability to talk clearly and without noticeable pauses or hesitations is the fluency. Try to keep your spoken comments flowing naturally.

Preparing for the Duolingo English Test

To get a score of 120 on the Duolingo English Test, you must prepare well. By using these techniques and tips, you can get the most out of your study plan and improve your language skills so you can do better on the test.

Getting used to the format of the test: Take the time to fully understand how each section of the Duolingo English Test is set up, what kinds of questions are asked, and the time you have to answer them. This information will enable you to plan specific preparation tactics and predict what to expect on test day.

Setting realistic goals and timelines: Determine your target score and set realistic goals based on your current English proficiency level. Divide the time allotted for preparation into reasonable study sessions, allowing enough time for each part. To stay motivated and prevent burnout, plan a timetable that includes intensive study periods in between times of rest and leisure.

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Developing a study plan

Before you even think about getting 120 score in Duolingo English test, you need to strategize a few things:

Determine your advantages and disadvantages: Test your language proficiency in speaking, writing, listening, and reading. During your study plan, identify the areas where you need to improve and devote more time to those areas.

Make use of trustworthy sources: Look for trustworthy books, websites, and other resources created especially for the Duolingo English Test. Duolingo offers official study resources, mock exams, and study guides that might be quite helpful for your preparation.

Consistently study: Schedule time each week to focus on each exam segment. Practice often to hone your linguistic abilities and develop resiliency. In order to make meaningful development over time, consistency is essential.

Simulate test conditions: Familiarize yourself with the test environment by creating a study space that closely mimics the conditions of the actual exam. To imitate a true exam experience, set a timer, practice in a quiet environment, and stay focused.

Ask for feedback and help. Talk to teachers, language tutors, or language exchange partners who can give you feedback on how well you’re learning the language. Their ideas can help you find ways to improve and make your plans better.

Follow your development: Take fake tests or timed practice sessions regularly to track your growth. Examine your performance, look for trends in improvement, and fill up any knowledge gaps or deficiencies.

Effective preparation for the Duolingo English Test can be achieved by adhering to a well-structured study plan, setting attainable objectives, and utilizing credible resources. Your route to a score of 120 must include consistency, self-evaluation, and focused practice.

Building Language Proficiency

To succeed on the Duolingo English Test and get a score of 120 or above, it is essential to have a solid foundation in language skills. You can improve your general language skills by working on key areas like words, grammar, listening understanding, reading, and writing. Use the following techniques to improve your language ability before the test:

Enhancing vocabulary

Getting a score of 120 in Duolingo English exam is not easy without enhancing your vocabulary. Here’re some tips I want to give you:

Utilize vocabulary-building resources: Use online dictionaries, flashcard applications, and vocabulary lists to increase the number of words in your vocabulary. Learn new terms and their definitions, work on your pronunciation, and do frequent reviews.

Extensive reading: Read a range of English literature, such as novels, essays, and newspapers, to expose oneself to varied vocabulary environments. Write down new terms, learn how to use them, and then use them in your own writing and speech.

Use mnemonic devices and flashcards: Make flashcards with new terms and their meanings. Use mnemonic strategies to help you remember words, such as making connections or using visuals that stick in your mind.

Improving grammar skills

Check your grammar: Study grammar manuals or enroll in online grammar classes to refresh your knowledge of English grammatical conventions. Focus on topics like verb tenses, sentence construction, and subject-verb agreement that are often analyzed in the Duolingo English Test.

Practice with grammar exercises: Solve grammar exercises and quizzes that target specific grammar concepts. Determine where you need more work, and set aside more time to emphasize those areas.

Get opinions from your language partners or teachers: Share your written work or spoken responses with qualified language instructors or language exchange partners. Their criticism will help you find and fix grammatical errors, enhancing your correctness.

Enhancing listening comprehension

duolingo 120 scorecard

Listen to English audio material: Consistently listen to different English audio content, including newscasts, TED lectures, podcasts, and newscasts. Concentrate on comprehending the essential points, supplementary information, and subtleties of spoken English.

Observe English-language movies, TV programs, or videos: While viewing English-language video content, practice active listening. Pay attention to various expressions, intonations, and accents. When necessary, use subtitles to improve understanding.

Talk to native English speakers: Either in person or via language exchange websites, practice speaking with native English speakers. Improve your ability to understand spoken English in everyday interactions by listening intently and responding.

Developing reading skills

Read newspapers, books, and articles in English: Engage in comprehensive reading on a regular basis to enhance your comprehension abilities. To increase your knowledge of various writing idioms and genres, choose a range of topics and genres.

Practice skimming and scanning: Learn effective ways to skim and scan to quickly understand the main ideas and find specific information in reading passages. This ability will speed up your test-taking process and increase your accuracy in general.

Analyze and summarize reading passages: Develop the ability to analyze the structure and content of reading passages. Recognize the author’s goal and tone while summarizing the important points and pointing out relevant information. This technique improves critical thinking and understanding.

Developing writing abilities

Write essays, emails, and reports as practice: Write in English on a variety of subjects on a regular basis. Your writing should be organized with concise body paragraphs, conclusions, and introductions. Ensure that your ideas are cohesive, well-organized, and backed up with pertinent examples and data.

Seek feedback from language instructors: Share your written work with knowledgeable language teachers so they can offer suggestions on how to improve the style, use, and general clarity of your writing. Utilize their advice to improve your writing abilities.

Use online writing tools and resources: Use online writing tools, like grammar checkers and writing guides, to improve the accuracy and style of your writing. These tools can assist in finding and correcting frequent mistakes.

Test-Taking Strategies

Using smart test-taking techniques will significantly increase your chances of passing the Duolingo English Test. You can maximize your success during the test by using the following techniques:

Effective time management:

Sort the questions in order of increasing difficulty by starting with the simpler ones and working your way up to the more difficult ones. With this strategy, you are probably sure to get the points for the questions you are comfortable answering while still having enough time to tackle the difficult ones.

When answering multiple-choice questions, use the process of elimination by removing any apparent wrong answers. Your odds of choosing the right response rise when you reduce your options, and it also saves time.

Leaving tough questions alone and returning to them later: If you come across a question that is very difficult or time-consuming, you might discover it beneficial to leave it alone for the moment and return to it later. By using this method, you can utilize your time more effectively and respond to as many questions as you can.

Understanding the question requirements:

Analyze prompts carefully: To ensure that you fully understand the prompt or question, read it many times. Pay attention to any word limitations or answer format requirements, particular directions, and keywords.

Identify key information and keywords: Identify the main ideas, keywords, and relevant details in the questions or prompts. This can help you in maintaining your attention on the important details while preventing distraction from  irrelevant information.

Pay close attention to the details: Observe any particular directions given, such as choosing numerous options or supplying evidence to back up your statements. By following these guidelines, you can feel confident that you correctly fulfill each question’s criteria.

Taking practice tests:

duolingo practise tests

Once you are done with the study materials, the next & final step in your mission to get 120 score in Duolingo test is taking mock tests. This creates an exam-like environment before the final one.

Access official Duolingo English Test resources: Utilize the official study guides and practice exams offered by Duolingo. To better understand what to anticipate on the exam, familiarize yourself with the formats for the questions, the time constraints, and the degree of difficulty.

Utilize third-party practice materials: Supplement your preparation with third-party practice materials designed specifically for the Duolingo English Test. These tools can give you more practice with different kinds of questions and help you get an idea on how the test is set up.

Simulate test conditions for practice: During your practice sessions, create an exam-like setting. Set a timer, follow the allotted amount of time for each segment, and ignore interruptions. By modeling the test conditions, you can get better at managing your time and feel more comfortable and sure of yourself.

You can boost your score on the Duolingo English Test by putting good time management techniques into practice, comprehending the prerequisites for the questions, and practicing with sample tests. These exam-taking techniques will improve your chances of scoring a 120 on the test by enabling you to approach it with assurance, accuracy, and efficiency.


In conclusion, achieving a score of 120 in the Duolingo English Test requires strategic preparation, focused study, and effective test-taking strategies. You can boost your chances of getting that desired score by being acquainted with the exam format, improving your language skills, and using shrewd exam-day tactics. Remember to use your time carefully, know what the questions are looking for, and take practice tests. You can show how well you know English and do well on the Duolingo English Test if you work hard and don’t give up.


What is the Duolingo English Test?

The Duolingo English Test is an online language proficiency exam designed to assess an individual’s English language skills. It measures proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and provides a score on a scale of 10 to 160.

How can I achieve a score of 120 in the Duolingo English Test?

It’s essential to have a solid foundation in English language proficiency if you want to get a score of 120. Concentrate on expanding your vocabulary, increasing your grammar, practicing listening comprehension, improving your reading comprehension, and honing your writing abilities. To improve your performance, use time management techniques, practice with mock exams, and use effective test-taking practices.

Can I retake the Duolingo English Test if I don’t achieve my desired score?

If you are unhappy with your first result on the Duolingo English Test, you can retake it. However, there is a waiting period between test attempts, so make sure to check the specific guidelines provided by Duolingo regarding retakes.

How long is the Duolingo English Test?

The test duration varies depending on how quickly you complete each section. On average, the test takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

Are there any resources available to help me prepare for the Duolingo English Test?

Yes, Duolingo’s website has official instructional materials, exam samples, and practice questions. There are also other sources that may help you prepare, including online courses, study materials, and practice exams.

How is the Duolingo English Test scored?

Duolingo use an automatic scoring method to provide grades for the Duolingo English Test. This assess your performance by the scoring system based on elements including correctness, complexity, coherence, and fluency. The total performance you get on the exam across all areas determines your final score.

How long is the score valid for?

After the test date, the Duolingo English Test result is valid for two years. The score will no longer be taken into consideration after two years.

Can I use my Duolingo English Test score for university or visa applications?

Yes, numerous universities and institutions recognize the Duolingo English Test as a valid indicator of English language proficiency for admission or visa purposes. However, it is essential to confirm the test score’s approval with the particular institution or organization.

How to get Duolingo results?

After the test evaluation, you will receive a notification of your results via email. You will receive this email on your registered email ID. To access detailed information about your test performance, including your complete test history and results, you can log in to the Duolingo English Test website.

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