Students who want to attend American institutions must have a strong command of the English language. The Duolingo English Test has become a popular alternative to established language proficiency assessments like the TOEFL and IELTS. This page focuses on how many university accept Duolingo in USA from applicants.

As an alternative to conventional language competence tests, the Duolingo English Test enables students to easily and socially show their English ability. With the growing recognition of this test by U.S. universities, it has become a viable option for prospective students.

The number of American institutions that accept the Duolingo English Test for admission will be examined in this article. We will discuss the factors that have led to universities accepting this test as well as provide instances of certain colleges and their Duolingo score criteria. Students can make informed language proficiency assessment decisions by knowing which universities accept the Duolingo test.

How Many University Accept Duolingo in USA

Duolingo Test Acceptance in U.S. Universities

Universities in the United States are increasingly accepting the Duolingo English Test in recent years. The usefulness and dependability of the exam as a gauge of English language competency have been acknowledged by several establishments.

List of U.S. universities accepting Duolingo Test

These are the 56 universities accept Duolingo English test in USA:

University Name
Atlanta University of Health Sciences
Auburn University
Boston College – Carroll School of Management
Boston University Graduate and Professional Programs
California Polytechnic State University
California State University, Long Beach
California State University – Northridge
California University of Pennsylvania
Carnegie Mellon University – Mellon College of Science
Carnegie Mellon University – School of Art
Clark University
George Mason University
Harvard Medical School
Illinois Institute of Technology
Indiana University
Indiana University – Maurer School of Law
Iowa State University — All Graduate Programs
University of Kansas
Kent State University
University of Kentucky
Long Beach, California State University
Marshall University
University of Maryland Global Campus
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Medill School, Northwestern University
University of Nevada Las Vegas – Boyd School of Law
Northern Illinois University
University of Oklahoma – Graduate Admissions
University of Pittsburgh – Katz Graduate School of Business
University of Pittsburgh- Swanson School of Engineering
Polytechnic State University, California
Regis University
Rice University
San Jose State University
University of Scranton
Seattle Pacific University
Southeastern University
Temple University Fox School of Business
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Texas A&M University – Kingsville
University of Alabama
University of Colorado
University of Houston – Victoria (UHV)
University of Kansas
University of Kentucky
University of Maryland Global Campus
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
University of Nevada Las Vegas – Boyd School of Law
University of Oklahoma – Graduate Admissions
University of Pittsburgh – Katz Graduate School of Business
University of Pittsburgh – Swanson School of Engineering
University of Scranton
University of Vermont
University of West Florida
University of West Florida
Washington University in St. Louis – Brown School
Washington University in St. Louis, PhD Program in Occupational Therapy
Western Michigan University

Universities’ reasons for accepting Duolingo Test

Accessibility and Affordability

One of the primary reasons for universities accepting the Duolingo English Test is its accessibility and affordability. Students often have to travel to approved testing locations for traditional exams like the TOEFL and IELTS, which may be expensive and logistically difficult. With the Duolingo exam, students can take the evaluation from the comfort of their own homes, saving money on travel expenses and presenting a more convenient choice.

Technology and Reliability

Universities have taken note of the technological developments and the adaptability of the Duolingo English Test. Accurate evaluations are made possible by the test’s use of machine learning algorithms, which adjust to the test-taker’s ability level. Universities believe the legitimacy of the Duolingo test results because of the trustworthy grading systems in place.

Inclusivity and Diverse Applicant Pool

Universities want to build a more inclusive admissions process by embracing the Duolingo English Test. Inclusivity and Diverse Applicant Pool. They understand that not all students have access to conventional testing facilities or the resources to pay for pricey tests. Accepting the Duolingo exam increases the candidate pool and gives a wider variety of students the chance to demonstrate their language skills.

Benefits of Duolingo Test

For students applying to American institutions, there are many advantages to taking the Duolingo English Test. This section examines the benefits the Duolingo test offers as a substitute for traditional English language competence tests, from accessibility to convenience.

Affordability and accessibility

  • Test Accessibility: Students from all around the globe, regardless of location, can take the Duolingo English Test. It is advantageous for candidates from rural places or nations with weak testing infrastructure since it is an online exam, which removes the need for students to go to certain testing locations.
  • Flexibility: The Duolingo test enables students to arrange and take the exam at their own leisure, in contrast to conventional exams that have restricted test dates and venues. Because of this flexibility, candidates may choose a time that works with their study schedule and other obligations, thereby avoiding conflicts and stress.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Students have a low-cost choice with the Duolingo exam. The Duolingo test is more reasonably priced than other English language competency tests, which may be rather costly, making it available to a wider variety of students.

Convenient Test-taking Process

  • Online Format: Because the Duolingo English Test is fully online, students can take it from the convenience of their own homes. This saves time and money by eliminating the need for travel, lodging, and other associated costs for in-person testing.
  • Test Length: Compared to other tests, the Duolingo test is often shorter in length, lasting around an hour. Students who desire a more concentrated and targeted testing experience may find this format appealing.
  • Instant Results: The Duolingo test’s ability to provide immediate results is a big plus. The stressful waiting time often connected with previous examinations is eliminated since students get their results as soon as the test is over. Students may submit their applications right away and without delays thanks to instant results.

Adaptive Technology and Personalized Learning

The Duolingo English Test uses adaptive technology to adjust the test’s material to each test-taker’s level of proficiency. The evaluation properly represents the test-taker’s language skill thanks to the test’s real-time adaptations depending on their replies. The accuracy and dependability of the test findings are improved by this adaptive character.

Comprehensive Language abilities Assessment: The Duolingo exam rates your proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing as well as other language abilities. This thorough examination gives colleges a complete picture of the applicant’s English language proficiency, allowing a more thorough evaluation of their suitability for academic study.

Personalised Learning: The language learning software from Duolingo uses personalised learning algorithms to modify the curriculum to each student’s unique learning style and areas of strength and weakness. As they get ready for the exam, students may sharpen their English language abilities with the aid of this personalised method to language learning, which will increase their overall language competence.

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Growth and Recognition of Duolingo Test

The Duolingo English Test has expanded significantly and been known as a reliable tool for evaluating English language competence. This section explores the trajectory of the test’s popularity and its increasing acceptance among universities in the United States.

Growing Acceptance by American Universities

  • Early Adoption: Due to its novelty, the Duolingo English Test was first met with scepticism by certain colleges. However, the exam started to acquire popularity in the admissions process as more schools became aware of its validity and dependability. The Duolingo test is now accepted as a substitute for conventional English language competence tests by an increasing number of American colleges.
  • Diverse Range of Institutions: Universities that accept the Duolingo test span a wide range of categories, including public and private institutions, Ivy League universities, liberal arts colleges, and research universities. This variety underlines the test’s widespread appeal and shows how well-suited it is to many academic contexts.

Each institution has its own standards for Duolingo scores for admission. Depending on the needs and standards of the institution, these criteria may change. Students must thoroughly examine and comprehend the score requirements of the colleges they are applying to.

What is the minimum Duolingo score accepted by universities?

Depending on the institution and its particular needs, different institutions may have different minimum Duolingo scores that they accept. It is vital to keep in mind that although certain colleges might set a minimum score requirement of 115–120, this is not a requirement that applies to all universities.

The minimum required score might be as low as 85 or as high as 120 or higher. Students need to do study and look at the admissions requirements of each university to find out what their unique Duolingo score requirements are. By knowing what score standards the colleges they want to go to have, students can better plan and aim for the scores they need to get in.

Which universities accept 100 Duolingo score?

There are a number of American institutions that have traditionally accepted a Duolingo score of 100 for admissions, however acceptance varies from year to year and is subject to change. Here are a few illustrations:

University of Alabama: For admissions, the University of Alabama will accept a Duolingo score of 100. For the most recent information, it is advised to visit the university’s official website or get in touch with the admissions office.

University of Arizona: For the admission of overseas students, the University of Arizona is reported to accept a Duolingo score of 100. It is always advised to get in touch with the institution to confirm the most recent criteria.

Iowa State University: In the past, Iowa State University has substituted a Duolingo score of 100 for the standard English language competence test for admissions. For the most up-to-date information, it is advised to visit the university’s website or get in touch with their admissions office.

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Is Duolingo certificate valid?

Yes, many colleges and organisations throughout the globe regards the Duolingo English Test certificate as an appropriate indicator of English language competency. A growing number of colleges are now accepting the Duolingo test as a viable alternative to more established English language competence tests like the TOEFL and IELTS.

For the purpose of ensuring its accuracy and dependability in evaluating language proficiency, the Duolingo English Test has undergone extensive research and validation research. It offers a thorough assessment of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills by adjusting the exam to each test-taker’s ability level using adaptive technology and machine learning algorithms.

It’s crucial to remember that each institution has its own policies regarding the acceptance of the Duolingo exam. The Duolingo English Test is accepted by many colleges, although some may have strict score criteria or prefer alternative language competence examinations. It’s best to verify each university’s admissions standards to see whether they accept the Duolingo exam and what their scoring requirements are.

Overall, the Duolingo English Test has established itself as a respectable choice for proving one’s command of the English language, giving pupils a simple and approachable substitute for more conventional language tests.

How long is Duolingo score valid?

A Duolingo score’s validity duration varies according to the institution or organisation that accepts it. In general, Duolingo test results are deemed valid for a certain amount of time, usually two years after the test date. It’s crucial to remember that each school may have its own score validity regulations, so verify with the university or organisation where you want to submit your Duolingo score.

Depending on the university, Duolingo scores older than two years may be accepted while more current results may be required. On their official websites or via direct contact, admissions offices often publish their prerequisites for score validity. To make sure that your Duolingo score is within the allowed duration for admissions reasons, it is vital to confirm the score validity period with the universities you are interested in.

Don’t forget to organise your Duolingo exam carefully to ensure that your score will be accepted throughout the application process and that it satisfies the standards of your desired institutions or organisations.

What is the minimum Duolingo score accepted by universities?

Universities have different minimum Duolingo scores. Some colleges need a 100-point minimum, while others require more. Score requirements vary across institutions and programmes or departments within the same university.

Check the university’s website or call the admissions office to find out its minimal Duolingo score. They will have the latest and most accurate English language competency criteria.

Some universities have distinct score criteria for undergraduate and graduate programmes. Thus, you must carefully check the program’s entrance rules to ascertain their minimal Duolingo score.

Researching and comprehending the colleges’ score expectations will help you reach the minimal standards and boost your chances of admission.

Does Canada accept Duolingo?

Yes, here are few:

University NameUniversity NameUniversity Name
University of British ColumbiaMcGill UniversitySimon Fraser University
University of AlbertaUniversity of TorontoUniversity of Victoria
University of CalgaryQueen’s UniversityWestern University
University of WaterlooUniversity of OttawaUniversity of Saskatchewan
Dalhousie UniversityUniversity of MontrealMemorial University of Newfoundland
Ryerson UniversityUniversity of New BrunswickUniversity of Winnipeg
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityUniversité LavalUniversity of Manitoba
Carleton UniversityConcordia UniversityMcMaster University
York University

Many Canadian colleges and institutes use the Duolingo English Test to assess English language skills for admissions. Several Canadian colleges use Duolingo as an alternative to IELTS and TOEFL.

The Duolingo test’s acceptability varies by university and programme. Check each university’s entrance standards to see whether they have score requirements or prefer alternative language proficiency examinations.

Visit a Canadian university’s website or call the admissions office to find out whether they accept the Duolingo exam and their scoring criteria. Their English proficiency criteria and recognised exams will be current.

How much Duolingo score is required for UK?

The Duolingo English Test score criteria for UK universities differ by institution and programme. Some colleges demand a Duolingo score of 105, while others require 120 or more.

Score requirements vary by subject and level of study (undergraduate or postgraduate). Thus, it is essential to examine each institution and program’s Duolingo score requirements. (See the list of UK universities that accept Duolingo test).

Does California State University accept Duolingo?

California State University (CSU) campuses have accepted the Duolingo English Test as an alternative to traditional English language proficiency exams. The minimum score you need is 105. However, it’s important to note that the acceptance of the Duolingo test and the specific score requirements may vary between individual CSU campuses.

Conclusion | Duolingo University Acceptance

In conclusion, colleges and institutions in a number of nations, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, have begun to recognize and accept the Duolingo English Test as a reliable indicator of a student’s ability in the English language. Its growth and acceptance can be attributed to factors such as accessibility, convenience, technological advancements, and research validation.

The Duolingo test offers students a competitive alternative to conventional language competency tests, even if the particular score criteria and admission procedures may differ across schools. The Duolingo exam provides students with a beneficial chance to show their English language competence and accomplish their academic objectives as it continues to grow in popularity.


What is the Duolingo English Test?

The Duolingo English Test is an online test of language competency created to evaluate a student’s command of the English language. Through the use of a computer-adaptive exam style, it assesses ability in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

What distinguishes the Duolingo English Test from other tests of English language proficiency?

The Duolingo English Test is done online from the convenience of your home, unlike conventional tests like the TOEFL or IELTS. It provides a simple testing environment and prompt findings in less than 48 hours. The Duolingo exam also makes use of adaptive technologies and machine learning algorithms to adjust the examination to the ability level of each test-taker.

Which universities accept the Duolingo English Test?

Many universities around the world, including those in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, accept the Duolingo English Test as an alternative to traditional exams. However, acceptance policies and score requirements may vary between institutions, so it’s important to check the requirements of each university you are interested in.

How many universities are accepting Duolingo in USA?

As of May 2023, there are 56 universities listed that accept the Duolingo English Test in the USA.

How many university accept Duolingo in UK?

There are 37 universities listed in Canada that accept the Duolingo English Test.

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