Attention Duolingo learners! Are you keen to advance quickly in your language learning? Do you want to improve your language abilities and unlock new levels? Look no farther than Duolingo’s glistening diamonds! In this article, we will delve into the world of gems and unveil the secrets to acquiring them in Duolingo. Within the app, gems act as a valued kind of money that unlocks access to thrilling features and rewarding activities. We have you covered whether you want to achieve daily objectives, finish difficult classes, or take part in activities. Prepare to discover how to get gems in Duolingo and maximize your learning experience.

how to get gems in duolingo

Understanding Gems in Duolingo

Gems are the precious virtual currency within the Duolingo language learning app. They are essential in improving the user experience and offering learners a number of advantages. Users can get extra features, power-ups, and bonuses that help them along the way of learning a language by using gems.

Did you know? Gems & Lingots are same. Web users see Lingots as a virtual currency. Both have same value.

Different types of gems in Duolingo

Regular gems and bonus gems are the two primary kinds of gems available on Duolingo. Regular gems are acquired via the app’s many activities, however extra gems are periodically given out as presents or special benefits. Both kinds of stones are equally valuable and functional.

Why Duolingo gems are valuable

Gems are a priceless resource that provide users access to premium functions and extra advantages in Duolingo. They may be used to buy things like timed practise, double or nothing, and streak freezes. As users gather and use them during their language learning journey, gems provide a sense of development, motivation, and a pleasant sensation.

Earning Gems through Daily Goals

earn gems daily

The Daily Goals tool on Duolingo encourages users to establish daily, attainable language learning goals. By setting a daily objective for the number of XP (Experience Points) they wish to acquire, users can monitor their progress and remain motivated.

How gems are rewarded through completing daily goals

Users get lot of gems when they continuously reach or surpass their daily XP objective. The quantity of gems won is directly related to the number of days the objective has been accomplished in a row. The streak award increases with length of time.

Tips to maximize gem earnings through daily goals

  • Decide on a daily XP target that will challenge you without taking up too much of your time. This will ensure that you can regularly meet your goal and collect gems.
  • Remain consistent Make learning a new language a regular practise, and work hard to stay on track. This will enable you to keep up a strong streak and increase your gem awards.
  • Use streak freezes: On days when unavoidable circumstances prohibit you from finishing a lesson, think about employing a streak freeze power-up to safeguard your streak.
  • Put yourself to the test: To earn extra gems, push yourself sometimes to go above and beyond your daily objective. You can advance more swiftly and earn gems on Duolingo more quickly by doing this.
  • You can enhance your language learning routine and earn a continuous supply of gems to unlock fun Duolingo features and prizes by using the Daily Goals feature well.

Completing Lessons and Challenges

Duolingo rewards users with gems for successfully completing lessons and challenges. The gem profits increase with each lesson or challenge completed, adding to the motivation to interact with the language learning material.

Techniques for efficiently finishing lessons

  • Focus on mastery: Prioritise comprehension and retention of the subject above speeding through classes. Take your time to understand the ideas, and practise makes perfect.
  • Make advantage of the tips and discussions offered in the course if you are having trouble understanding a specific issue or idea. These materials could help in understanding improvement and doubt clarification.
  • Regular practise is crucial; consistency is vital. Set aside regular time to do assignments and consolidate your knowledge. You’ll advance and gradually accumulate more gems if you do this.

Leveraging challenges to earn extra gems

  • Check out the challenge section: Duolingo provides a selection of fascinating and enjoyable language-testing activities. Explore this area often to uncover puzzles that match your skill level and interests.
  • Aim for high scores since many challenges include score-based incentives. By providing thorough and timely answers to the questions, try to get high marks. Earning more gems might result in higher points.
  • You not only develop your language abilities by active participation in classes and challenges, but you also amass gems along the road. Utilise the possibilities for learning that Duolingo provides, and as you go in the programme, your gem collection will increase.

With Duolingo, reaching a new level is a huge accomplishment that not only shows your growth but also pays you with gems. You will progressively move up to higher levels as you get XP by completing classes, challenges, and frequent practise. Duolingo gives you gem awards with each level up, encouraging you to keep up your language study.

Strategies for speeding up the leveling-up process

  • Set XP targets each day: To keep on course and advance steadily to the next level, set a daily XP goal that you must meet. You can accomplish this by finishing classes, challenges, or exercising using Duolingo.
  • Work on your weakest areas: Determine which abilities need the most work, and focus on practising them. You can advance more quickly and gain more XP by improving your areas of weakness.
  • Utilise the skill checkpoints: There are competence checkpoints in each language lesson on Duolingo. In addition to solidifying your knowledge, accomplishing these checkpoints successfully gives you a sizable XP increase that helps in levelling up.
  • In addition to receiving gem prizes when you level up in Duolingo, you also get access to new features and material. Your language learning experience is further improved by these prizes and unlocks, which keeps you motivated and interested. Gems act as a kind of cash that you can use to access premium features or buy power-ups that speed up learning and make it more fun.

Utilizing Streaks for Gem Rewards

maintain streak on Duolingo

A streak in Duolingo is the total number of days that you have finished at least one lesson or activity. The visual reflection of your dedication and constancy in language study is provided by streaks. Long-lasting streaks not only show commitment, but they also open up potential for gem prizes.

How streaks can lead to gem bonuses

Users are encouraged to continue their streaks by Duolingo by giving gem incentives. The gem bonus you can get increases with the length of your streak. These gem incentives encourage you to keep up your everyday practise and strengthen your language learning routines.

Maintaining streaks and strategies to avoid losing them

  • Create daily reminders or notifications to remind you to finish a course or task. This may assist you in maintaining consistency and preventing unintentional streak breaks.
  • To maintain your streak, prepare ahead and set aside time for a fast lesson or practise session if you know your day will be hectic or if you anticipate any possible hiccups.
  • Use streak freezes: Duolingo includes a power-up called a streak freeze that may be acquired with gems. In the event that you are unable to finish a lesson or activity, turn on the streak freeze to preserve your streak for one day.
  • Utilise the option to restore your streak if you unintentionally lose it. Duolingo gives you the choice to restore your streak by paying gems. Although this should only be done occasionally, it might be a good alternative to take into account if you have a lengthy streak and want to keep it going.
  • When you prioritise and keep up your Duolingo streak, you not only demonstrate your dedication but also have the chance to get gem incentives. Make streaks a regular part of your language study schedule, and you’ll see your gem rewards rise in tandem with your devotion and ability.

Participating in Duolingo Events

Throughout the year, Duolingo hosts a number of events that provide thrilling challenges, contests, and chances for community interaction. Users may engage in conversation, gain knowledge from one another, and earn gems during these events.

Examples of events where gems can be earned

  • Global Language Challenges: Every once in a while, Duolingo sponsors global language challenges where participants from all around the globe team up to accomplish a particular language-related objective. Users may get free gem prizes for taking part in these tasks and helping the general advancement.
  • Holiday-themed activities: Duolingo often plans activities with a holiday theme during festive seasons or special occasions. Depending on the event, participants can earn gem prizes for completing themed classes, tests, or unique activities.
  • Contests in the community: Duolingo promotes community involvement by holding competitions where users may display their language abilities, creativity, or expertise. Users can receive gems as payment for entering and succeeding in these competitions.

Tips for maximizing gem earnings during events

  • To be informed about forthcoming events, keep an eye on the Duolingo Events section or subscribe to the company’s social media accounts. This makes sure that you don’t pass up any chances to get gems.
  • Active participation: Participate fully in the event’s events, do the assigned responsibilities, and have a positive impact on the objectives. Your chances of receiving gem awards rise when you participate actively.
  • Work together with the neighbourhood: Events often promote a feeling of neighbourhood and cooperation. Interact with other students, provide advice, and lend support to one another. Together, you can accomplish more and maybe get more gems.
  • Duolingo events provide chances to earn gem rewards in addition to adding excitement and variation to your language learning experience. To maximise your gem earnings and get the most out of these exciting events, keep an eye out for forthcoming ones, participate fully, and get fully immersed in the dynamic Duolingo community.

What is the purpose of gems in Duolingo?

use gems to purchase in Duolingo

The purpose of gems in Duolingo is to serve as a virtual currency within the app. Gems provide a number of crucial functions:

Gems can be used to unlock premium features like streak freezes, which let you keep your streak even if you miss a day of practise. Access to power-ups like double or nothing, which doubles the amount of XP received if you accomplish your daily objective, and timed practise, which tests your ability to respond to questions in a defined period of time, are also made possible by gems.

Enhancing the learning experience: You can purchase more practise sessions or skill tests with gems to strengthen your knowledge and abilities. You can advance in your language study more quickly and increase your language competence by using these extra resources.

Earning gems gives players a feeling of success and encourages them to keep practising and finishing classes. Gems serve as a material reward for your efforts, motivating you to continue making steady progress and using the app.

Participating in challenges and events: Duolingo often hosts challenges and events where gems are involved. By taking part in these events, you can earn more gems, compete with other language learners, and take part in a community-driven way to learn a language.

Why am I not getting gems in Duolingo?

There are many reasons why Duolingo isn’t giving you gems. Here are some typical causes that might be the cause of your lack of gem earnings:

  • Daily objectives not met: Duolingo offers gems for continuously achieving or surpassing your daily XP target. Make sure you’re finishing up enough classes or tasks each day to achieve your objective. You could not get the gem prizes if you don’t meet your goals or miss days.
  • No streak or a broken streak: You can win gems by keeping a run of days where you finish at least one lesson or task every day. If you don’t have a streak or your streak has ended, you might not get gem prizes for streaks.
  • Already claimed daily rewards: Duolingo offers daily rewards, including gems, for logging in and completing a lesson. Check your daily progress metre and make sure you’ve gathered your daily gems to make sure you’ve gotten these prizes.
  • Gems can be won in a variety of ways, such as by finishing lessons, tasks, and events. However, gem prizes may not always be available. Make sure you attend events, do tasks and courses, and look for any unique gem-earning possibilities inside the programme.
  • Technical Problems: On rare occasions, connection faults or bugs may impede the awarding of gems. If you think this could be the case, try logging out and back in again or ask for help from Duolingo support.

Is it hard to get to diamond in Duolingo?

Duolingo’s Diamond League is difficult to reach, but it depends on your language proficiency, learning dedication, and league competition. Here are some things to think about:

The challenge of joining the Diamond League might vary depending on your language proficiency and Duolingo experience. It could take more time and effort to advance to the Diamond League if you are new to the app or language study in general than someone who is fluent in many languages.

Developing consistency is essential for moving through the leagues. You will improve more quickly if you keep up a consistent practise schedule and finish the sessions every day. Your chances of making the Diamond League increase as you practise more often.

Competition within the league: Members of the Diamond League are very committed language learners who have acquired a substantial quantity of XP. Depending on how fiercely competitive your league is, you may need to accumulate a significant number of XP to advance to the Diamond League.

Strategies and time commitment: You may gain XP more quickly by employing effective learning techniques including concentrating on your weaker abilities, making daily XP targets, and taking part in events. The Diamond League, however, still demands a major time investment and commitment to regular practise.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Duolingo’s main objective is to help people with learning a language and competency, and the leagues are made to inspire and foster a feeling of community. It is important to see joining the Diamond League as a personal accomplishment rather than a sign of success. Keep your attention on your language learning progress, have fun along the way, and use the leagues as inspiration to keep becoming better at the language.


Gems are an important part of Duolingo because they give users prizes, access to special features, and motivation to keep learning languages. Users can maximise gem earnings by completing daily objectives, courses, challenges, events, and in-app purchases wisely.

Gems make Duolingo more fun and encourage users to improve their language skills. We can use them to unlock new material, keep runs going, or move up in the leagues. Accept the gem system as a useful tool on your Duolingo journey to language proficiency.


How can I earn gems through daily goals?

Set a precise XP objective and continually finish classes or activities to achieve or surpass it in order to earn gems via daily goals. You can get extra gems as a reward by continuing your streak and accomplishing your daily objectives.

Can I earn gems by completing classes and challenges?

Yes, completing lessons and challenges in Duolingo is a great way to earn gems. Each completed lesson or challenge contributes to your XP, and as you accumulate XP, you will unlock gem rewards.

How does leveling up in Duolingo contribute to gem earnings?

Gaining levels in Duolingo awards you with gem perks in addition to reflecting your success. As a reward for your success in learning a language, you will get gem prizes as you gain XP and level up.

Are there any special events or challenges where I can earn gems?

Indeed, Duolingo hosts challenges and events where you may win gems. Watch out for chances to earn more gems at local competitions, holiday-themed events, and international language challenges.

What is the purpose of gems in Duolingo?

Gems serve as a virtual currency in Duolingo. They unlock premium features, enhance the learning experience, used for in-app purchases, and act as rewards, motivating users to stay engaged and committed to their language learning goals.

Can I trade or exchange gems with other Duolingo users?

No, gems cannot be traded or exchanged between Duolingo users. They can only be earned through in-app activities.

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