HelloTalk is a famous app that lets people learn new languages. It provides a platform to talk to native speakers from all over the world. Even though the app can be a great way to learn a language, someone may want to delete their account at some point. This could be because they want to take a break from the app. Or, they no longer find it useful. In this blog post, we’ll see how to delete HelloTalk account permanently, as well as some tips to keep in mind when doing so.

How to Delete Your Account on HelloTalk?

If you’ve decided that you want to delete your HelloTalk account, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open the HelloTalk app on your device.
  • Go to your profile by tapping on the Me icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the gear icon in the top right corner to access the settings menu.
  • In the next screen, click on “Account“.
account option in hellotalk app
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Delete Account.”
  • Tick the agreement & click on “Delete Account“.
agree delete account
  • Confirm the deletion in the popup.
  • Success! You have deleted your HelloTalk Account.

Once you confirm that you want to delete your account, all of your information and data will be removed out of the app for forever. It’s important to know that deleting your account will also delete your language partners’ information and messages with you. If you have any important messages or information you want to keep, make sure to back them up before deleting your account.

Also, after placing the deletion request, go to iTunes or Google Play & cancel the HelloTalk subscription. This will prevent automatic charges on your card. If you have the VIP membership with HelloTalk, deleting the account will invalidate it.

Tips to keep in mind when deleting a HelloTalk account

For a successful HelloTalk account deletion, bear these points in mind:

  • Back up your data. Before you delete your account, it’s a good idea to back up any important information or texts you want to keep. You can do this by saving copies of messages and chats or taking screenshots of them.
  • Understand that account deletion is permanent: You won’t be able to get any of your data or information back once you delete your account. Make sure you really want to delete your account before you move on.
  • If you delete your account, your language friends’ information will be gone. When you delete your account, HelloTalk will erase your language partners’ information and messages with you. If you want to keep in touch with your friends, you might want to reach out to them outside of the app before you delete your account.
  • Think about taking a break or changing your settings. If you aren’t sure if you want to delete your account for good, you might want to take a break from the app or change your settings to better fit your needs. You can, for example, change how you get notifications or limit how many language partners you have. Also, you can try uninstalling the app for sometime.

By remembering these tips, you can make sure your HelloTalk experience is a good one, whether you keep using the app or delete your account.

Can You Recover a Deleted HelloTalk Account?

No, you can’t get back into your HelloTalk account after you delete it. All of your data and information, like your texts and information about your language partner, will be removed from the app’s servers.

If you delete your account and then want to use HelloTalk again, you’ll need to make a new account with a different email address and phone number.

Before you delete your account permanently, you should make sure you’re ready to do so and back up any important data or information you want to keep.

What Happens If I Delete My HelloTalk Account?

If you delete your HelloTalk account, it removes all of your information and data out of the app’s servers permanently. This includes things like your biography, chats & information about your language partners. Deletion will remove any media files or papers you’ve shared on the app. When you delete your account, other users won’t be able to see you. Also, you won’t be able to use any of the app’s features or services.

When you delete your account, your language partners’ information and messages with you will also be deleted. Before you delete your account, make sure to back up any important texts or information you want to keep.

Also, if you bought any paid features or services through the app, those payments will end when you delete your account. Any time or points left on your account will be lost and can’t be redeemed.

Lastly, it’s important to know that HelloTalk doesn’t keep any user information or data after an you delete your account. So, once you delete your account, you can’t get any of your information or files back.

About HelloTalk

HelloTalk is an app that helps people learn new languages by talking to native speakers from all over the world. The app gives users a place to talk with other users who are skilled in the language they want to learn.

This helps them learn and practice the language. HelloTalk gives people who want to learn a language in fun and engaging ways to improve their language skills. It offers text and voice chat, video calls, and feedback tools.

One of the things that makes HelloTalk stand out is that it puts a lot of focus on cultural sharing. The app pushes people to not only learn a new language, but also to learn about the history and habits of the place where that language is spoken. Users can share photos, audio files, and other media with their language partners. Doing so helps them to learn more about their partner’s culture and way of life.

HelloTalk works with more than 150 languages, which makes it a great way to learn or practice a language. The app is free on both iOS and Android devices, and you can pay for additional features to make it even better.

Overall, HelloTalk is a strong tool for exchanging languages. It has helped many people learn new languages and meet with people from all over the world.


So, can you delete HelloTalk account? Closing your HelloTalk account is easy, but there are some things you should think about before you do it. Before you delete your account, make sure to stop any payments or use up any points you still have.

Keep in mind that your data and information will be permanently removed from the app’s servers. If you want to stay in touch with your language partners outside of the app, make sure you exchange contact information.

Now that you know this, you can delete your HelloTalk account and move on to other ways to learn a language.


Can I temporarily deactivate my HelloTalk account instead of permanently deleting it?

No, HelloTalk does not offer the option to temporarily deactivate your account. If you want to take a break from the app, you can simply log out or uninstall the app from your device.

What happens to my language partners if I delete my HelloTalk account?

When you delete your account, the information and texts between you and your language partners vanishes. Want to keep in touch with your language partners outside of the app? You might want to exchange contact information with them before you delete your account.

If I delete my account, will I get a return for my paid subscription?

No, if you delete your account, you loose any remaining subscription time or points. You won’t be able to get them back. If you can, use up any points you have left before you delete your account.

Can I get back into the HelloTalk account after deletion?

No, you can’t get your account back once you delete it.

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