One of the most well-known and successful language-learning systems available right now is Rosetta Stone. But for some students, it may be an expensive investment. They should not worry at all because the company offers some free ways, like a free-trial. Having this, students & professionals can still access all the features of Rosetta Stone at zero cost. In this blog article, we’ll look at ways to legally access Rosetta Stone for free.

Can You Get Rosetta Stone for Free?

There are legal and free methods to use Rosetta Stone, including the free trial period, library offers, and employer/school advantages. Without using piracy or other illicit means, it is impossible to obtain Rosetta Stone for free forever. It’s crucial to use Rosetta Stone in accordance with its terms and conditions and to make use of the legitimate and authorized methods to get free access to the software.

how to get rosetta stone for free

How to Get Rosetta Stone for Free (Legally)?

Method 1: Free Trial Period

Rosetta Stone gives new customers a free trial period. They may test the app before making a purchase. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

The length of the free trial period is three (03) days, depending on the language and current promotional offer. Check the specifics for the language you’re interested in to see whether certain languages offer longer or shorter trial durations than others. Here’s some steps to follow:

activate rosetta stone free trial
  • You will receive an email which looks like this (see below). Verify your email. In the same email, you would receive the login credentials.
rosetta stone free trial email
  • Now login to Rosetta Stone using the same.
  • Bingo! Your free trial is now active for 3 days, You can see in the banner to confirm the same. Or, you can visit this link to verify your subscription.
plan info

Payment information isn’t required. Even if they ask you, you they won’t charge your card unless you decide to keep using Rosetta Stone after the free trial time is up.

Your free trial is there for 3 days as soon as you confirm the email. You will have full access to all of Rosetta Stone’s features and lessons throughout the free trial time, allowing you to assess the program’s functionality and suitability for you. Additionally, you can track your development and gauge how much you’re learning.

If you decide not to continue using Rosetta Stone after the trial period expires, you must cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. If not, a premium subscription plan will be automatically registered for you and you will be charged accordingly.

Method 2: Employer or School Benefits

Some employers or schools offer Rosetta Stone as a benefit or resource to their employees or students. This could be a stand-alone benefit or a component of a bigger language learning program.

Consult your academic adviser or human resources department to discover whether Rosetta Stone is a perk offered by your job or school and to see if it is accessible. You could be required to join up via a certain portal or link, or to give some basic information.

You could receive free access to all of Rosetta Stone’s features and courses if it is provided as a reward. However, based on the company or institution and the program they have set up, the precise terms and conditions may change.

Even if Rosetta Stone is not offered as a direct benefit, some employers or schools may offer reimbursement or tuition assistance for language learning programs like Rosetta Stone. In this scenario, you would get the software on your own and then submit a request for reimbursement or financial aid to your company or educational institution. Always remember not to share your Rosetta Stone account with anybody.

Method 3: Library Card

Yes, it is possible to access Rosetta Stone free with library card. With a library card, you can have free access to Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is available at many public libraries.

You have to reach your neighborhood library to find out whether they offer Rosetta Stone and how to use it if they do. Typically, in order to use the program, you must have a current library card and be logged in to the library’s website or portal.

To start, visit this link & enter your Patron ID (Library ID). Post that, follow the instructions.

rosetta stone free with library card

Method 4: Mod APKs (Not Recommended)

Rosetta Stone can be accessed for free through mod APKs, however it’s unethical and illegal. Mod APKs are illegal changes of the original software that have the potential to damage your device or endanger your privacy.

They can additionally contain malware or viruses. Additionally, utilizing mod APKs is against Rosetta Stone’s terms and conditions and might result in legal action.

It’s important to use the program in accordance with its terms and conditions and to respect intellectual property rights. It is advised to use the official and lawful approaches for getting Rosetta Stone for free instead of downloading mod APKs. Also, only God knows when these “cracked” Rosetta accounts are permanently deleted by the company for violations.

Regardless of which method you use, Rosetta Stone always offer some starting lessons for free for everybody. You don’t need to arrange anything else for that.

Tips for Effective Language Learning

Here are some tips for learning a language that will help you make the most of your time with Rosetta Stone:

  • Set realistic goals: Before you begin using Rosetta Stone, give your goals some thought. Do you want to learn a language well enough to have a conversation or simply enough to get about in a foreign country? Depending on your requirements and interests, set achievable objectives.
  • Practice regularly: Consistency is key when it comes to language learning. If you can, try to use Rosetta Stone for at least 30 minutes each day. You can improve your talents and remember what you’ve learnt by doing this.
  • Utilize immersion methods: Rosetta Stone’s immersion method of language learning is one of its standout qualities. Consider applying this strategy to other aspects of your life, such as viewing TV programs or listening to music in your target language.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: Language learning involves a lot of trial and error. Make errors and learn from them without fear. This is how your abilities will develop over time.
  • Look for other resources: Rosetta Stone is a fantastic language-learning program, but there are other options as well. To augment your study and keep you motivated, look for other resources like tutors, online groups, or language exchange programs.


In the end, Rosetta Stone is a fantastic language learning program that could help you in achieving your language learning objectives. Additionally, there are legal and free methods to get access to it.

To begin learning a new language with Rosetta Stone without breaking the bank, take advantage of the free trial time, library promos, employer/school perks, or the free trial period.

You may significantly advance your language learning by utilizing Rosetta Stone often and applying efficient language learning strategies. So, don’t hesitate to explore your options and start your language learning journey with Rosetta Stone today!


Is it legal to access Rosetta Stone for free?

Yes, it is legal to access Rosetta Stone for free through the methods mentioned in this article, such as the free trial period, library memberships, or employer/school benefits. These methods are provided by Rosetta Stone itself as a way to allow users to try out the program or access it through specific channels.

How long is Rosetta stone free trial?

Rosetta Stone normally provides a free trial period of 3 days during which you may check out the app and decide if it will help you achieve your language learning objectives.

Can I access Rosetta Stone for free through my employer or school?

Rosetta Stone is a benefit or resource that some businesses or institutions provide to their employees or students. Consult your academic adviser or human resources department to discover whether Rosetta Stone is a perk that your employer or school has to offer and to see if it is accessible.

Should I use mod APKs to get free Rosetta Stone access for lifetime?

You can do that, but it comes with huge security risks. But yes, it is totally possible.

How to download Rosetta stone for free?

After you activate the free trial, you can search the app in the Google play store or Apple store & download it. Then, login using the same email for the benefits. (See how to change email of your Rosetta account).

Is Rosetta stone free for military?

No, Rosetta Stone has stopped offering 100% free memberships to the military. Their contract has expired long back, i.e, September 2011. As of today, you can get only 10% discount as a military personal.

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