Many Rosetta Stone users can have old email addresses linked to their accounts. This can cause them to miss important messages and other difficulties. Users that use Rosetta Stone to learn a new language and remain on schedule may find this irritating.

To stay connected and informed about your language learning experience, you can quickly and easily update your email address. But how to change email on Rosetta Stone? This post will walk you through the process of updating your email address on Rosetta Stone. It will also provide troubleshooting advice for any potential problems.

Steps to Change Email on Rosetta Stone

Here are the steps to change your email address on Rosetta Stone:

rosetta stone login
  • Once you are logged in, click on the “Account” dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the screen and select “Edit Profile“.
account dropdown menu
  • In the “Edit Profile” page, select “Change Email” from the left menu.
  • You will see your current email address listed. Delete your current email address and enter the new email address you want to use.
enter new email
  • After entering your new email address, click on the “Save Changes” button. You will see the following message:
popup message
  • You will get a verification email on your new email address. Click on the link given to confirm its you.
rosetta stone email change verification email
  • Enter the account password in the final step.
  • After you do, you are not able to login using the new email ID.
email changed

What if you don’t receive the email or face problems with the email change process? This troubleshooting guide will help;


Here are some troubleshooting suggestions in case you have any problems updating your email address on Rosetta Stone:

Resetting your password can help if you’re experiencing difficulties logging into your Rosetta Stone account. You can do this by selecting the “Forgot your password?” option on the login page and then according to the directions that appear.

  • Check your spam or trash folder in case the email was mistakenly filtered there if you do not get the verification email after updating your email address.
  • Contact Rosetta Stone customer service if you need help if you’re still experiencing problems. They’re available via phone or email to assist you with any concerns.
  • Don’t forget that maintaining the accuracy of your account information is essential to getting the most out of Rosetta Stone’s language learning features.
  • Check how to delete your Rosetta stone account if you no longer using it.


To sum up, changing your email address in Rosetta Stone is a quick and easy activity. It can keep you informed about your language learning progress. You can be sure that your account information is valid and that you get all necessary messages on the advancement of your language study.


Can I change my email address on Rosetta Stone if I’ve forgotten my password?

Yes, you can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page and following the instructions provided.

Will changing my email address on Rosetta Stone affect my progress or subscription?

No, modifying your email address on Rosetta Stone won’t have an impact on your subscription or progress. Whatever email address you use to log in, all of your progress and subscription information will remain connected to your account.

If I’m in the midst of a language course, can I change my email address on Rosetta Stone?

Yes, even if you are in the midst of a language course, you are always free to change your email address. The progress you make will be recorded under your account. So, be sure to check in with your most recent email address in order to access your course.

What if I update my email address but don’t get the verification email?

Check your trash or junk folder in case the email was sent there by mistake.

Can I change my email address on Rosetta Stone from the mobile app?

No, you can’t change email from the app. You must use the web version of Rosetta Stone for that.

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