Memrise is a language learning app that offers a wide range of features to help users learn and memorize new vocabulary in different languages. However, some students could find it frustrating because the app needs a subscription in order to access all of its functions. In this article, we’ll look at how to get Memrise for free and use both its free and paid services. This post will walk you through the steps to get the most out of Memrise without spending a penny. So let’s get started and explore all the free access options to Memrise.

Can I use Memrise without paying?

Yes, Memrise is free to use if you join up for their Free membership level. Free users can access hundreds of language courses and fundamental features including gamified learning, audio and video support for several languages, learning progress tracking, and review sessions.

But for a monthly price, the Pro membership level gives extra features like offline mode, chatbots, and advanced grammar and vocabulary exercises. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of the Pro membership level. You can also take advantage of Memrise’s discounts and special offers if you want to test it out. if you didn’t like it, cancel the subscription & get a full refund.

How to get Memrise Pro for Free?

To sign up for a Free membership on the Memrise website or app, follow these steps:

memrise free trial signup
  • Enter email, password or use Google to create a new account on Memerise.
enter email password
  • If asked again, choose the language & click on Start learning.
choose a language
  • That’s it! Now visit the dashboard & start learning for free. Start learning by browsing through the courses, creating your own lists, or joining a group of learners.
memrise dashboard

By using the Free membership, you can learn and memorize new words in different languages without spending any money.

Remember to cancel your trial before the billing cycle begins in order to avoid being charged.


In addition to the 30-day free trial, Memrise periodically runs sales and promotions that let you join at a discounted rate or for free at the Pro membership level. These promotions can be found on their website, social media pages, or through newsletters. However, these codes and promotions come with certain restrictions. They can have limited validity period, one-time use, & restrictions on the language courses.

Conclusion | Memrise free account

In conclusion, Memrise is a superb language learning software. It gives users access to hundreds of language courses in several languages and a gamified learning experience. The Free membership level has many of resources for learning new vocabulary and practicing conversations, while the Pro membership level has more features.

You can try Memrise for free and get access to all of its free and paid features by using the techniques described in this article. Memrise makes it simple and inexpensive to pick up a new language at your own speed, whether you decide to sign up for the 30-day free trial or take advantage of discounts and special offers.

What are you still holding out for? Join Memrise right now to begin learning a new language for free! If you don’t like, you are free to delete your account anytime.


Is it possible to access Memrise for free?

Yes, Memrise offers a Free membership level that gives users free access to the site’s essential features and hundreds of language-learning courses.

What features are available in the Memrise Free membership level?

The Free membership level of Memrise provides access to a gamified learning experience, audio and video support for different languages, learning progress tracking, and review sessions.

Can I try Memrise Pro for free?

Yes, Memrise provides a free 30-day trial for its Pro subscription level, which gives users access to extra features like offline mode, chatbots, and challenging grammar and vocabulary courses. You can cancel & get 100% refund if you didn’t like the app.

How can I cancel my Memrise Pro free trial before I get charged?

To cancel your Memrise Pro free trial, go to your account settings and select “Cancel Subscription.” You can cancel anytime before the billing cycle begins.

Are there any discount codes or promotions available for Memrise Pro?

Yes, periodically Memrise will offer deals and promotions that will let you upgrade to the Pro membership level for nothing or for a discounted price. These promotions can be found on their website, social media pages, or through newsletters.

Are there any restrictions on the courses available in Memrise Free membership?

No, the Free membership level provides access to thousands of language courses created by other users. However, some courses may have additional features that are available only in the Pro membership level.

Is Memrise suitable for beginners?

Yes, Memrise is appropriate for beginners since it offers a gamified learning experience. It makes learning a foreign language enjoyable and interesting. Additionally, it offers classes at various levels and gives audio and video assistance for several languages.

How many languages does memrise offer?

You can learn 23 languages from Memrise learning platform. You can reset any Memrise course to start from scratch.

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