Are you looking to cancel your Busuu subscription? While learning a new language can be exhilarating, there are instances when you need to terminate your subscription. Understanding how to cancel Busuu membership is important if you are dissatisfied with the language learning app. To ensure that you don’t incur any unforeseen charges, we’ll walk you through the process of canceling your Busuu subscription in this post.

How Do I Cancel My Premium Busuu Account?

Unsubscribing from Busuu depends on your device. Follow these steps, as per your platform:

Cancelling via Busuu Website

If you have purchased the subscription directly from Busuu, there is a straight forward method:

login to busuu
  • On the top-right side, you will see your first name. Click on that -> Settings.
navigate to settings
navigate to subscription
  • You will your current plan details like subscription start date, end date with some buttons.
  • Click on “Cancel Premium” button & confirm.
busuu cancel membership
  • Success! you will receive a confirmation email shortly.

Unsubscribing via App Stores

How to cancel Busuu subscription on iPhone or Android? If you have bought Busuu subscription via third-party stores like Google Play or Apple Store, you can’t cancel from the above method. Refer these links to cancel:

For Google Play Store (Android) :

For iOs Apple Store:

You can see this section of cancelling Rosetta Stone which explains these two ways in detail. Note that, there is no way to cancel Busuu from the app. You must use the web-portal for that.

Reasons to Cancel Busuu Free Trial

Thousands of people sign up for Busuu free trial, but many of them cancel it or don’t want to continue further with a paid plan. Here’s why-

  • Not interested in continuing: If you don’t like the Busuu app, terminate your free trial before it turns into a paid membership.
    Unsatisfied with the content: Before signing up for a paid membership, you have the option to cancel your free trial if you believe that Busuu’s language learning material is not fulfilling your requirements or expectations.
  • Technical problems: You could want to end your free trial plan and seek for a different language learning app that better suits your requirements if you’ve encountered technical difficulties with the app or are having problems accessing the lessons.
  • Found another language learning solution: People cancel the free trial if they discover a language learning program that they  like more than Busuu in order to avoid getting charged for a subscription that they won’t use.
  • Financial constraints: To save money, you may wish to discontinue your Busuu account if you’re short of funds.
  • Completed the content: If you’ve learned everything on Busuu and don’t feel like there’s anything else to learn, you might want to end your subscription so you don’t keep paying for something you’re not using. But, we recommend changing the language in Busuu & start a new language.

Can I get a Refund from Busuu?

Yes, Busuu offers a refund policy for its subscriptions. Busuu’s terms and conditions state that you have 14 days after subscribing to get a refund. However, your refund can be reduced if you’ve already used any or all of the premium services during this period.

How to Get a Refund from Busuu After Cancelling the Subscription?

After you cancel your plan for the first time, here’s how you can request a refund, within 14 days:

  • Visit the Busuu support page here.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Select My question is related to – My premium subscription from the dropdown.
  • Enter subject: Refund request.
  • Write this content in the description:

Hi Team,

I had purchased the Busuu premium. However, I did not like it so just cancelled it. Please issue a refund as per your policy. My order number: <Order Number>, Email: <Registered Email>.


busuu refund request

Hit the submit button & wait for 7 days for the confirmation of refund. Please note that, Busuu entertains refund only for your first purchase. If you cancel a recurring plan, you are actually stopping the renewals. You won’t get any refunds for those cancellations.

Note that cancelling the memberhsip doesn’t delete your Busuu account forever.


In conclusion, terminating a Busuu membership is a simple procedure, but it’s crucial to take the right procedures to prevent getting hit with any unforeseen chargebacks. Contact Busuu’s customer care staff for help if you need it or if you have any queries regarding the cancellation process.

Additionally, if you’re eligible for a refund and wish to request one, make sure to familiarize yourself with Busuu’s refund policy and follow the appropriate steps to submit your request. You can be sure that you’re not just saving money but also positioning yourself for success in your language learning endeavors by taking the effort to properly cancelling your Busuu account free trial.

Also See: Resetting your progress in Busuu app.


Can I cancel my Busuu subscription at any time?

Yes, you are free to end your Busuu membership whenever you choose. But if you stop in the middle of the month, you will not get a refund for the part of the portion you haven’t used yet (but you can use the premium features until the last day).

Will I be charged any additional fees if cancel auto renewal on Busuu?

No, as long as you cancel your Busuu auto renewal before the end of your current billing cycle, you shouldn’t be charged any additional fees.

Can I get a refund for my Busuu subscription?

Yes, Busuu allows subscription returns up to 14 days after purchase. But this applies only for your first ever purchase.

How long does it take to receive a refund from Busuu?

Depending on your payment type and other factors, processing refunds from Busuu can take up to 7 or 14 working days. It’s crucial to be persistent and get in touch with Busuu if your refund hasn’t arrived after a reasonable amount of time.

Can I still access my Busuu account after cancelling my Busuu account?

Yes, you can still access your Busuu account and any free content that is available in every language. However, you won’t have access to premium features or lessons.

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